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your online .com orders.

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Get your online .com orders shipped to the US with Package Depot.
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We have the largest space for storage.
And we have the best customer service.

Package Depot @ Downeast Hub LLC in Calais, Maine

Package Depot is your trusted partner for all your shipping needs. Michael has years of experience in logistics with the US Marine Corps. This experience brings Package Depot to the top of the pack. It also allows Package Depot to provide the best personal small shipping service at the lowest possible prices in Calais, Maine.

Throughout the Canadian Maritimes, Package Depot is
YOUR #1 shipping headquarters for ALL your online .com orders.

Online shopping with .com sites has become a popular way for Canadians to purchase products from the comfort of their own homes while getting more choices. When it comes to shopping online, Canadians have two options shopping online. Websites ending in .com or .ca.. While the two options may seem similar, there are some key differences that Canadians should be aware of before making their purchase. When it comes to product selection, .com websites often offer a wider variety of products than .ca websites. This is because .com websites are often based in the United States, which provides access to a larger market and more products.

Package Depot offers a wide range of services including:

  • YOUR own U.S. shipping address in Calais, Maine for your online .com orders;

  • International package forwarding options if you do not want to make the drive;

  • Mail forwarding and consolidation services to Canadians that use us for their personal mail;

  • Wrapping, packing, and shipping under one roof.

    Ship with us and experience the best.

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